Tradition, Quality, and Passion for Dried Fruits

Welcome to Luscioux, the beating heart of Sicilian craftsmanship dedicated to dried fruits. Born in 1992 as a division of Omnia Group S.r.l., we carry on a family tradition rooted in the fertile land of Sicily. Here, under the warm southern Italian sun, we cultivate Pistachios, Hazelnuts, and Almonds with passion and dedication – the jewels of our land.

Luscioux is not just a brand; it is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. Every product that leaves our workshop tells a story of love for the land and food. From field to table, every step of our production process is handled with the utmost care. We take pride in offering products in various formats: from pure dried fruits to semi-finished products like granules, flour, and pure pastes for the confectionery and ice cream industry.

At Luscioux, we believe that quality is a matter of details, both in the product and in the packaging. For this reason, we offer our dried fruits and semi-finished products in a variety of packaging, adapting to the needs of every customer. From convenient 30-gram pouches, ideal for a quick and healthy snack, to 1000 Kg Big Bags, perfect for the industry. We have the right solution for every need.

Our product range also extends to delicious spreads, nut pestos including our new pistachio pesto with Nebrodi truffle, and typical sweets from Sicilian and Italian traditions, where dried fruits are always the protagonist. Every sweet, every spread is a journey into the authentic flavors of our land.

Our customers, ranging from the processing industry to the sector, from large distribution to gourmet shops and foreign distributors, know they can rely on the constant pursuit of quality that characterizes Luscioux. We strive every day to maintain high standards for our products, ensuring unmatched quality reflected in the taste and satisfaction of our consumers.

Seeing the expressions of amazement and delight on the faces of our customers during fairs or at the first taste of our products is what motivates us. We continue to seek new partners, retailers, and distributors to share our passion and offer them the opportunity to grow with us in the global market.

At Luscioux, we firmly believe that craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of the highest

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